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NUCO Pump and Wells during COVID-19

NUCO Pump and Wells

As we face uncertainty and daily changes with COVID-19, we want to take a moment to thank all medical professionals, first responders and LEOs that are on the front line of this pandemic. Our thoughts and prayers go out to each of you and your families.

NUCO Pump and Wells continues to monitor developments and adjust as necessary. We have implemented our service call protocol that adheres to the Issued Coronavirus Guidelines:

  1. Social Distancing: We are an essential business and our techs are providing service calls. We do not enter homes and keep a 6ft distance when communicating with customers.
  2. Sterilization: Follow the recommended policies and procedures related to illness, cleaning and disinfecting hands, equipment and attire when necessary.
  3. No contact: Customers can call to schedule appointments and when a service tech arrives, there will be no contact, only to the equipment. Service documents and invoices will be submitted electronically and made available though email messages.

As a way of saying “Thank You” to our everyday heroes, NUCO Water Solution & NUCO Pump & Wells are now offering $0 service charge (charges will only apply to equipment replacement and/or repair parts) or 20% off new equipment to Medical Professionals, Active Military, Veterans, First Responders & LEOs.

nuco pump and wells

Stay Safe and Let’s Get Though This Together. Contact Us

Well Inspection and Maintenance

Keeping wastes, chemicals, and hazardous materials away from wells and water systems is the first step in keeping contaminants out of your water system. Homeowners relying on groundwater should consider annual well inspection of the well and area around it.

  • Wells should have locking caps to keep any substances from falling into the well casing.
  • Well casing should also be inspected to ensure it is not damaged at the surface and that the concrete well apron is not cracked or damaged in any way that would allow contaminants.
  • If wellhead damage is observed, the well or apron can be repaired to provide protection of the water source.
  • Wellhead protection should also include the surveillance of any human activity changes around the wellhead, such as increased automobile parking or farming activities, that could release pollutants affecting groundwater.

If it’s been a while since your last well inspection, contact us today to schedule (863) 425-NUCO