Submersible Electric Pump
submersible pump
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Jet Pump
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Submersible Electric Pump

Older or shallow wells may use an above-ground jet pump to pull water from the well. Submersible electric pumps that push water up are more common. They typically feature a sealed motor that is lowered into the well and has an above-ground power source. Repairing a submersible pump nearly always involves pulling it from the well.

Shallow and Deep-Well Jet Pumps

There are two different types of jet pumps each designed for a particular function. Shallow- well jet pumps are used when the water supply is close to the surface, less than 25 feet deep. Deep-well jet pumps are used when the water table is more than 25 feet below the surface and are effective at depths of up to 250 feet.

Jet pumps can also be used in wells that are less than three inches in diameter. The pump does not need to be below the water line and can be placed on top of the well or away from the wellhead in a pump house.

Centrifugal (Booster) Pumps

The versatile and straightforward centrifugal well pump produces a smooth even water flow. It’s maximum suction lift is 25 feet and has a maximum total lift of 300 feet. A centrifugal pump must be primed, and it is best used as a booster pump.